Testing your knowledge all the time is the best way to get more effective in what you learn and further improve the outcome you desire. And at ALLEN Plus, we strongly believe that to enhance learning outcomes, consistent practice is the key. This is why, we have introduced a new feature on ALLEN Plus – QUIZ, using which you can test your knowledge and improve your learning further.

Let us now see how you can use this feature.

First you need to login into your ALLEN Plus account with your ALLEN Form Number. Once you have logged-in, select “Quiz” section as shown in Figure 1.

aphelp quiz

Figure 1

Once you click on the Quiz section, you will find the list of quiz as shown in Figure 2 from where you can click on New to attempt a quiz.

aphelp quiz

Figure 2

As you click on new, the selected quiz with respective set of questions will open as shown in figure 3

aphelp quiz

Figure 3

You can attempt the given number of questions and once all questions are complete, you can click on submit and the following popup  (figure 4) will appear notifying about the successful submission of your quiz.

aphelp quiz

Figure 4

Once the quiz has been submitted, you will land on the following page (figure 5) from where you will be able to check your quiz result.

Figure 5