My Mentor (Web)

ALLEN Plus brings to you a new feature ‘My Mentor’ that which will help you get resolutions of your non-academic queries (other than your subject doubts) from your respective Mentors through the ALLEN Plus app/web.

This feature will help you seek guidance from experts and realize your true potential thus empowering you to see a possible future & form a belief that it can be achieved.

This feature will help you get influenced, guided & directed towards your life goal.

Now we will See How to ask query through this New Feature.

My Mentor feature will be made available on your ALLENPlus web portal at the left panel under “My Assets” section as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1

Select My Mentor & click on Ask Question to submit your doubts (as shown in figure 1) using any of the following modes:
1. Text
2. Audio
As shown in figure 2

Figure 2

Choosing option 1, you can ask your query by typing it in text, and clicking on “Submit”.

My Mentor Web

Figure 3

Choosing option 2, you will be allowed to ask your query through voice record by uploading audio record of your question. Select audio file by clicking on “Browse here” & click on “Submit” as shown in figure 4.

Figure 4

After submitting query, you will land on this page where you can find your asked queries, as shown in figure 5.

My Mentor Web

Figure 5

You will be able to see your solution sent by your respective Mentor when you click on “View Solution” as shown in Figure 6.

My Mentor Web

Figure 6

You can press “Yes” if you’re satisfied with the solution & to end the conversation as shown in Figure 7.

My Mentor Web

Figure 7

NOTE: This feature is only available to students who have been assigned a mentor by academic.